Paddling in the Gorge

Just the other day we were out in the Gorge paddling. We launched from Dalton Point and landed at Phoca Rock, a giant basalt island in the middle of the river. I’d say it’s 50 feet tall. We took pictures of each other from the top. IMG_1553 005

Then we headed to the Washington side of the Columbia River. There’s a sheer basalt cliff known as Cape Horn. It’s pretty cool because it sticks straight up from the river. There’s also a waterfall flowing down part of it – and the railroad built a tunnel straight through the rock. So, when you’re on one side, you don’t know a train’s coming until it pops through the opening at 65 mph!

cape horn and phoca rock

We started to get hungry – so we headed back across the Columbia River over to Sand Island on the Oregon side. The river’s really low at this late-summer time. There were many sand bars and we ran aground a few times. Still, sitting on the beach on the other side was relaxing – except for one thing. We saw, coming over the horizon, Darwinian-like forms coming our way. These were in fact humans without clothes. We were on the nude beach! This made for some serious hilarity.

IMG_1564 015

One of these people sans clothes strode right up to April and started up a conversation, and then handed her a business card from some nudist association! Unbelievable.

Well, anyway. We packed up and headed back down stream to explore the lower part of Rooster Rock State Park – then on to Corbett. It was a very nice day and a 12-mile paddle.

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