Paddle the Willamette to Ross Island with Next Adventure

 NA Kayak Trips

Take a beginner kayak lesson and demo a kayak at the same time! Next Adventure teams up with Northwest River Guides this Sunday morning.

If you’re pondering taking up the sport of kayaking, there’s no better way to sample this activity than trying out a boat and taking an introductory paddling lesson! We’ll show you basics like the parts of the boat, entering and exiting, seat adjustment, etc. Then some paddling theory. We’ll go over some foundations of paddle strokes and show you the parts of the paddle. And of course a safety seminar.

Then it’s on to kayaking the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon! Starting from Sellwood Riverfront Park, we’ll head north to Ross Island, where you’ll check out ospreys, blue herons, and probably catch a glimpse of nesting bald eagles!

To take advantage of this incredible offer, call our office at 503-772-1122, stop by Next Adventure at 426 SE Grand, or sign up using their convenient online reservation system.

Sunday Morning Willamette Paddle with Next Adventure

NA Kayak Trips

Northwest River Guides teams up with Next Adventure this Sunday morning from 9:00-11:30 for a beginner kayak lesson in Portland, Oregon, and the opportunity to try out a kayak from Next Adventure! We meet at Sellwood Park for an introduction to kayaks, paddle strokes, safety and how to hold the paddle.

We’ll then head out for a paddle up to Ross Island, one of Portland, Oregon’s best kept wildlife and paddling secrets. You’ll experience the rise and fall of the river, gentle waves, check out house boats, and at Ross Island listen to and watch hundreds of nesting birds including herons, eagles, ospreys, kingfishers, and more! If we’re lucky we’ll see a beaver or nutria.

This is a great way to get a value priced beginner kayak lesson in Oregon and test out a kayak. At the conclusion you’ll receive discount cards for purchases at Next Adventure! You need to reserve a kayak. Call 503-772-1122, stop by Next Adventure at 426 SE Grand Avenue, or use their handy online reservation system.

Demo, Lesson and Ross Island Paddle with Next Adventure

NA Kayak Trips

Interested in buying a new kayak this summer? Want to learn a few pointers, and check out some wildlife while kayaking in Portland, Oregon this weekend? With Northwest River Guides and Next Adventure you can do both.

This coming Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in Sellwood Park you can try out a kayak from Next Adventure and get a beginning kayak lesson fron NRG. We’ll introduce you to the parts of the boat, how to hold and use your paddle, safety, and some basic strokes. Nervous about entering and exiting the kayak? We’ll go over that. There is nothing like trying a kayak for yourself – no two boats are alike. If you are thinking about kayaking this is the best way to check it out. You’ll quickly learn some boats work better for you than others. Along the way you’ll see ospreys and blue herons fishing and very likely Ross Island’s bald eagles!

So join us Sunday at 9:00 – 11:30 and let us introduce you to a lifetime of paddling. No experience necessary, all equipment provided. Bring a beverage and light snack. Important: You need to call in advance to reserve a boat and spot in the group. Call NRG at 503-772-1122, stop by Next Adventure at 426 SE Grand Avenue, or reserve a boat on Next Adventure’s online reservation system.

We’ll see you out there!

Swiftwater Rescue Workshop July 25-26 – HUGE Discount


This July NRG is offering an amazing deal on our world-class, professional swiftwater rescue instruction : $150 for 2 full days of the best safety education available.  This is $100 off of our regular price of $250.

NRG’s Swiftwater Rescue Workshop focuses on simple, effective rescues that are practical for recreational kayakers and rafters.  We focus on accident prevention, risk assessment, preparation & organization for rescues and skills development

NRG’s 2-day SWR Workshop is a hands on two-day customized class for recreational kayakers and rafters who want develop and hone their swiftwater rescue skills. Each day is broken up into a classroom module and an experiential component. Day 1 starts with rescue theory and hydrology. We will introduce several different types of ropes and teach the minimalist approach to hardware, knots, and other tools. We will introduce foot entrapments / bow pins, contact rescues, wading rescues, and swimming in rapids. Day 2 focuses on group management, victim behavior, and preemptive safety. We will teach you how to build and pick proper anchors, and elaborate on mechanical advantage from a minimalist standpoint. Finally, we will recreate real life scenarios that will test all the knowledge you have learned and help you to build judgment that will save lives.

To register for the course, please call the NRG office at 503.772.1122 or email

Prerequisites: None – paddlers of all skill levels will benefit from this course.

Date:  Saturday & Sunday, July 25-26

Time: 9 am – 6pm

Location: Clackamas or Sandy River (water level dependent)

Cost: $150!!! – $100 off of our regular price of $250

Photos from April 2009 Swiftwater Rescue Workshop

Timothy Lake Spring Weekend!

Timothy Lake Lunch

Seven of us braved the ugly forecast of rain and thunderstorms and the risk paid off. We wanted to get out of town, just enjoy a multiday trip up at Timothy Lake. It’s an easy drive from Portland, Oregon, and one can have a quick peaceful time up there.

Kayaking Oregon needn’t involve long drives. It’s only an hour and forty-five minutes from Portland. Yet, during the shoulder season Timothy Lake can seem much further away. This weekend the campgrounds weren’t full and at Gone Creek campground, where we camped, there were no RVs this weekend. Timothy lake sits at 3,200 ft elevation. The north side of the lake has lots of primitive campsites. This weekend, the water seemed unusually warm!

All of us arrived Friday. I got there about 3:30 p.m. and after setting up my stuff went for a paddle. Since I’m taking an instructor development workshop this coming weekend I wanted to do some skills practice. I set out rolling, edging and bracing. I couldn’t believe how warm the water was. And, it was nice weather!

It wasn’t long before I saw cars arriving at the campsite, so I beached the boat. Liz and Michelle had just arrived, and I helped them get arranged. I encouraged them to come out boating. We went almost across the lake and saw a rain shower, so we turned back. We got caught in a major downpour. I was OK since I wore my drysuit, but the ladies weren’t so lucky. But there were no complaints. A fun time was had.

The rain passed, and we began dinner preparation. We had canopies over our picnic tables. Tonight’s meal was everyone for themselves, whereas others were prepared in teams. As darkness fell, we gathered around the table for merriment.

Saturday morning was dry, though cloudy. Breakfast burritos filled our bellies, and then it was suit up and paddle the lake. Our route called for crossing the lake, then snaking along the north shore past Meditatation Point and up into the inlet on the northeast side of the lake, where there is a wetland. Kayak camping can be done on many sites along the north side of the lake. We might return for a quieter experience later in the summer taking advantage of the primitive sites. The sun broke through the clouds, and we stopped for lunch. Jessie was practicing turning her boat with edging and bracing and went a bit too far – she rolled over. But she held her own, finding the setup position and rolling back up!

In the inlet, we saw a number of blue herons. But the most interesting wildlife were the ospreys, which not only dove for fish but skimmed the water, something I’d never seen before.

We ended the day back at the camp with a Thai stir fry meal. Well deserved, and we pitied those who chose to stay in Portland because we had very nice weather! The fire was warm, marshmallows were roasted, and stories were told. We can’t wait for the next kayak camping trip!

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