World Record Waterfall Descent

I think this whole thing is a little silly, and very dangerous, but none the less, the limits were pushed a little further in Whitewater Sport for new heights in successful waterfalls run in a kayak.  Tyler Bradt ran Palouse Falls in April- which was a 198 foot waterfall- but they are calling it 187.  Regardless it was a breathtaking descent and I had front row seats having rappelled off the ledge to run safety and snap a few photos.  Here is an article about it in the Oregonian.

You can also check out some still photogaphy and a flash video at

It was published in the first week of May Sports Illustrated, and in the June/July issue of National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

Outlet Falls from the lip!

Here are some more pics of Outlit Falls in Washington… From the LIP- POV!!!


Here is a shot of yours truly sweatin bullets shooting the video shot from the lip.  This nice perch required rapping off a 20 foot cliff to the sloping ledge with 3-4 feet of snow on it… Pretty exhilerating.  Almost as good as running it in a kayak.


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