NRG Kayak Lesson Schedule for the Fall & Winter

After another great season teaching kayaking Portland, the busy season for kayak instruction has begun to wind down, and we’d like to send a thank you to all our students.  We’ve had a great time on the water with you this year and hope you’ve been getting out paddling as often as possible.  If you’d like to send any referrals our way, they’d be much appreciated.  It makes a big difference to a small business like NRG. Below is our schedule for pool and river classes during the upcoming fall and winter.

Simply put, we’ll be doing our pool classes on Wednesday evenings from 8-9:30pm and river classes twice a month on Saturdays.  We hope you’ll join us in the pool or on the water.  Specific dates are as follows.

October – Pool Classes: Intro 7 & 21, Rolling 14 & 28. River Classes: 17 & 31

November – Pool Classes: Intro 4 & 18, Rolling 11 & 25. River Classes: 14 & 28

December – Pool Classes: Intro 2 & 16, Rolling 9 & 30. River Classes: 12

January – Pool Classes: Intro 6 & 20, Rolling 13 & 27. River Classes: 16 & 30

February – Pool Classes: Intro 3 & 17, Rolling 10 & 24. River Classes: 23 & 27

March – Pool Classes: Intro 3 & 17, Rolling 10 & 24. River Classes: 23 & 27

Paddle the Willamette Sunday to Ross Island with Next Adventure

 NA Kayak Trips

This Sunday, try out a kayak from Next Adventure and enjoy professional beginning kayak instruction from Northwest River Guides!

If you are interested in learning to kayak, need to brush up your skills, want to try out a kayak or all of the above, this is a great way to get started! Sunday at 9:00 we meet at Sellwood Park in Portland, Oregon. There, you’ll pick up a demo kayak from Next Adventure and then learn some introductory skills about kayaking! We’ll bring you face to face with your kayak. You’ll learn about the cockpit, seat adjustment, bow and stern, and then we’ll show you how to hold the paddle, and some necessary safety tips!

Then we launch and go kayaking on the Willamette River towards Portland, Oregon. We’ll explore the shore of Ross Island. You’ll get to view birds such as blue herons, ospreys, and if we are quick enough, catch a glimpse of nesting bald eagles in the lagoon! You’ll get a few extra pointers on paddle strokes on the way.

As an extra bonus you’ll qualify for a 10% discount on purchases at Next Adventure! You need to register in advance.

To register call NRG at 503-722-1122, visit Next Adventure at 426 SE Grand to check out their kayaks, or register via Next Adventure’s website!

Team River Runner Roll Session

Kayak Classes Portland

I joined Sam the afternoon of June 5th for a pool session with some members of Team River Runner. All the members of Team River Runner are veterans; most have experience in Iraq or Afghanistan.

First, Sam had us stretching. A good stretch is an important start to successful kayaking – especially whitewater. Once we launched, it was time to practice strokes, warming up. Then we proceeded to learning various paddle strokes. Sam taught forward, backward and sweep strokes. Then the maneuvering strokes like the skull and draw. We also practiced low bracing, high bracing, rudder strokes and even the Dufek stroke.

Next, to the harder stuff. We practiced hip snaps and then rolling. I rolled up every time, some uglier than others, but I never struggled. It was my first time in a Liquid Logic Remix, which seems very user friendly. The outfitting was real comfortable too. Anyway we worked with the students and dialed in their rolls.

Next it was on to attempting a hand roll. Of course Sam could get one done. The rest of us never got it…but I was really close! Maybe next time. Looking forward to more experiences with the veterans this summer.

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