CALL TO ARTISTS – Request for Qualifications – RiPPLe Bike Racks SUBMISSION DEADLINE: May 27, 2013 BUDGET: $7,600.00 Eligibility: Clackamas County Artists

go to for the RFQ!!

Hurry hurry, and spread the word.

Sandy River Showdown May 4-5, 2013

Sandy River Showdown

Sandy River Showdown

Go to for registration. Register by May 15 with the coupon code SRS2013 and get 30 % off.  Registration is limited in the Super D race, and the Downriver race, so sign up soon.

Here are some specifics…

Event Description: This unique two part relay combines a “Super D” downhill mountain bike race starting at the top of the ridge & racing down upper and lower Hide and Seek Trails, followed by a Class II-III(IV) whitewater paddling race from the confluence of the Sandy/Salmon River to the Marmot Dam site.  This event finishes at one of the regions most significant geographic landmarks- The Former Marmot Dam site.  This race is the first of its kind in the Sandy River Basin, and will highlight this unique area for biking, and paddling.  What better way to enjoy the beginning of summer than to test your metal against an outdoorsy racing crew.   This event is being sanctioned by eNRG Kayaking, the American Canoe Association, and OBRA.

Downhill Mountain Bike – Upper & Lower Hide & Seek downhill trail – 3 miles, 1200 ft. descent.

Whitewater Kayak/raft race- 8 miles Class II-IV-, 32.5 ft/mile

The start will be at the top of the Sandy Ridge at the information kiosk next to upper hide and seek. The downhill mountain bikers will drop into upper & lower hide and seek trail system which descends 3 miles, and 1200 ft down to the trail head parking lot. The finish will be at the Sandy Ridge Trail head.  The start of the whitewater race will be at the Salmon and Sandy River confluence. Paddlers will race the 8 miles of class II-III (IV) whitewater including Alder Creek rapid (class III-IV).   The finish line at the former Marmot Dam site. The last mile of the race winds through a section of river that was reservoir for 80 years prior to 2007.

Paddlers can race in a one-person kayak, or an R2 raft race.  All paddlers must have helmet, PFD, and wet suit/dry suit with proper footwear.  At least one of the paddlers must have been down this river section once, or petition the organizer with documented class IV/V paddling skills.

We will have safety and hydration stations at each transition, and we will have an ambulance on site.  Our whitewater rescue crew will be staged at the critical sites along the whitewater race course.  All racers are expected to stop and help a fellow racer in distress. We will have water and clif bars available for racers on site, and entry will include a yummy post race lunch. Camping & music will be available on site Saturday night at the Marmot Dam site.

The two stage race is expected to take approximately 20-30 minutes for the bikers, and 30-40 minutes for the paddlers.  The Super D race will start promptly at 10am with a pre race meeting at the trail head at 9:00 am. On site registration will be from 8am-9am for the mountain bike event.  On site registration will be from 11-12pm at the Sandy Ridge Trailhead.  A pre-race meeting will take place at 12:30pm, and the whitewater race will start promptly at 1:30pm.  Awards and a raffle will be held at the Marmot Dam site promptly after the last racers finish.

Give yourself 1 hour to drive from Portland if you have never been to the Sandy Ridge Trails. See website for directions.

The following categories will be available to race:

Iron Man (1 person completes the whole event)

Iron Woman (1 person completes the entire event)

Mens Team Kayak  / Raft (2 person team)

Womens Team Kayak / Raft  (2 person team)

Coed Team Kayak / Raft (2 person team)

There must be 3 entries in each class to create and official category.

Entry Fees:

Super D- $45 ($5 off for OBRA members)

Whitewater race- $45 ($5 off for ACA members)

Iron Man/Woman – $75 ($5 off for OBRA members and $5 off for ACA members)

Team Event – $80 ($5 off for OBRA members and $5 off for ACA members)

Entry fee includes 1 night camping, snacks, and a post race hot meal.

Add $10 for day of registration.

Add $15 for dinner Saturday night at Marmot Damsite

Add $5 for breakfast Sunday morning

Add $10/pp for camping for non racers

Any net proceeds will be donated to We Love Clean Rivers to help clean the Sandy River Basin.

We will have exhibition head to head Kayak / SUP & freestyle races Sunday morning at the Marmot Damsite.

Thank you to all who came to Willamette Falls Fest

The bridge is opened once again!

The bridge is opened once again!

A big “thank you” to the over 30,000 people who joined us at the Willamette Falls Festival last year! This event, organized by the Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition, was definitely a huge success and raised $5,000 for One Willamette River Coalition’s efforts to reopen the Willamette Falls Navigation Locks.

Save the date Oct. 5-6, 2013 for another fun-filled festival and great cause! We’ll make sure to keep you posted on all of the exciting activities planned for this year’s Willamette Falls Festival.

Lessons from an Olympian

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You’ll never become truly famous through whitewater kayaking, not like the Michael Phelps’ or the Babe Ruth’s of other professional sports. Even today’s top paddlers go by unrecognized to most of the masses. And I think that suits Oliver Fix just fine.

I’ll admit, I didn’t recognize the name, or even the face. But I did recognize the paddling style. Oliver won the gold medal in K-1 Whitewater Slalom in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Every stroke had a pure, driving force behind it. Every tilt of the boat was purposeful. The man had skill.

To the untrained eye, it looked like any other paddling trip. Three guys in drysuits scrambling down the slippery trail to the put in for Bull Run with boats on their shoulders and paddles in hand. The surprising thing is, that’s just what it was. There was no superhuman ego to contend with, no condescending attitude towards my paddling skill. In fact, the only time Oliver watched us paddle was when we were setting a line in a game of follow the leader.

While Sam and I did all we could to analyze his stroke, looking for any technique we might use to better ourselves, Oliver was focused on enjoying the river and the scenery. A number of times he commented on how gorgeous the bedrock and fall colors were. I would look up to see that the colors really were remarkable as we drifted, but find myself watching his bow-draw-to-forward-stroke or subtle sweep as soon as we started paddling again.

But somewhere along the way, I stopped. As I listened to him speak, it seemed unfair to scrutinize this man’s behavior. He wasn’t trying to show off or teach us anything. Oliver was paddling for the same reasons I was. He just wanted to enjoy the flow of the river beneath him and sights that unraveled before him. So I joined him in surfing the small waves and staring at the low hanging clouds filtering through the far off pines.

I paid more attention to the world around me than the strokes I was taking. I started paying attention to the big picture instead of each element of the image, and that’s what I learned most from my time spent with Oliver. In the end, it really was just like any other paddling trip. The only difference was learning that success doesn’t necessarily mean a gold medal, or even competition, it means appreciating the opportunities given to you and making the most of what you have.

Fall colors on Bull Run

Fall colors on Bull Run

-Eric Adsit

Free Invitation to paddle with whitewater kayak Olympic Gold Medalist tomorrow!

This is a free invitation for the Portland paddling community to come paddle with 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Oliver Fix, and ACA instructor trainer Sam Drevo tomorrow- Friday, 10/25/12 at 3pm on the Willamette River in Oregon City.

We will meet at eNRG Kayaking at 3pm, and will be done around 4:30pm.

Meeting address:

1701 Clackamette Dr
Oregon City OR 97045

We will paddle about 2 miles of flatwater and moving water on the Willamette River – up to Willamette Falls.  The trip should take about 1.5 hours, and is a great opportunity for anyone interested in paddling technique to come paddle with a man that has reached the pinnacle of kayak sport.

Bring your own boat and gear, or call Sam Drevo if you need equipment. 503.887.5033

Hope to see you there!

October Rafting on the Sandy River- Oxbow Park!

Salmon on the Sandy River Rafting Trip

Rafting on the Sandy River

Rafting on the Sandy River

10:00 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday Oct. 20 only

Northwest River Guides & Metro have teamed up to provide a rafting adventure on the lower Sandy River (Class 1 + = moving water & riffles, no rapids). See spawning Chinook salmon from the raft as you learn about their incredible journey and life cycle. Our trip will take us through the ancient forest of Oxbow Regional Park and past the ghostly remains of a buried forest. This 4 hour float will start and end at Dabney State Park and includes equipment rental, instruction and shuttle to the launch site. Snack provided, bring a sack lunch. Cost is $45/ adult, $30/ child under 12 (must be 8 years old to attend), all minors must be accompanied by an adult. Advanced registration required. For more information or to register contact or call 503.772.1122.

Slalom Clinic Available at Roaring River Slalom Race!!!

Please come join.  This is a great event.  Thank you Paul for your leadership!

MISSION & and the fine print:

How can we improve the clinic from an instructional stand point while at the same time get more people in the race the next day? Let’s look at the first issue to begin. For any good class you need a good student to teacher ratio. You also need to group peers of similar skill in order for the class to run smoothly and for each student to be properly challenged in an efficient manor. The best ratio to allow for effective feedback loops and individual attention on the river is no more than 4 students to every one (in a perfect world). My hope is that we can achieve something very close to that. That would mean we could run a good clinic with our current list of volunteers for about 30 people. I think that is about how many we had at last year’s FREE clinic. (I am still working on a few more coaches so if you know anyone that would be a good person to coach beginner slalom folks send them my way).  Coaches race for FREE

That brings me to the next part of the equation: “How do we get more people in the race the next day?”

This year we are going to have people pay a nominal $25 bucks (non aca members) to participate on Saturday as a student. I know it’s counter intuitive to charge people when we are trying to get more participants but that’s chump change for a full day of instruction on the river! Their race fees are included for the next day’s race too!! That’s right, take the clinic for $25 bucks and RACE FOR FREE!

What this requires is you wonderful people to volunteer to coach AND a stronger effort to promote the clinic so we still achieve high numbers despite having to pay. My hope is that we can draw them in with a high quality clinic run by well respect volunteer coaches for the community for super cheap and then get them to stay for the race the next day.

Our clinic will be both accessible and professional. Students should be already capable of paddling class II whitewater and be willing and able to self rescue by rolling or swimming their equipment to the bank. They need to be wearing appropriate gear and have knowledge of it’s use, but beyond that I want people to feel welcome. Let them paddle their regular plastic whitewater boats if they want, but there will be some old slalom boats on hand for people to try if they are ready. The point of this clinic is to encourage boaters to improve their skills and boat control but most of all we want them to HAVE FUN! We also want to give them enough confidence to feel good about racing the course in it’s entirety. We want them to get EXCITED about slalom and WANT to try it the next day!!!

Anyone who wants can help on Friday to set-up the course. PLEASE come out on Friday morning.

FLOW OF THE DAY (Saturday):

I will arrive and will likely try claim the big community camping spot in the center at Roaring river campground.  That will be where the bar-b-que is.  (If not at the camp we can meet at the road side sign / pull-out. Across the road).

9:00am Registration begins. I am hoping Lisa (or a volunteer) will be there to help

9:30am We will start the day with a coaches meeting to discuss logistics including who wants to teach what group.

9:45am We can walk the course and discuss how to break up the course for our pods and discuss potential hazards and strategies for managing the groups.

10:00am Student’s meet. The clinic begins! I will give an intro chat and lead a discussion about Slalom Paddling to try and gauge skill levels and interest while providing information about the day.

10:15am Big group safety chat and expectations discussion (student and coaches)

10:30am Split students into groups of about 4 or 5 based on proclaimed skill level and / or coach preference. (we can always switch people around during the day if needed).

*I will be trying to leave myself free to roam from group to group to provide coaching and guidance for anyone that needs it. I will also be able to check in with coaches and make changes on the fly.

12:30pm Be sure to get a break for lunch. Eat lunch as a group. It provides priceless moments for Q&A and anecdotes that stick with students FOREVER.

1-4pm For the afternoon, some of the stronger groups may opt to take some full length runs of the course, while other groups may opt for an early finish or some observation time.

4PM Lisa is trying to run a quick team slalom run. Encourage your pods to try the team slalom!! What a great way to cap off the day with new friends.


I’m working on this. Alder Creek is putting together an un-official Bar-b-que for everyone Saturday night. I plan to start grilling at 5pm and hopefully be eating around 6pm. We can all eat together and get hyped up to run a great race the next day.

Getting people to race the next day

Remember throughout the day that we are trying to get as many people to race as possible. During the bar-b-que we need to all be asking people to race. Get them excited to try it. Besides, they have already paid for it. What would be REALLY awesome would be if someone had some exciting slalom videos or some big race footage that people could enjoy. Hopefully we can inspire some new racers.

Promote it! –WE ONLY HAVE A WEEK!!!

Do your BEST to help me spread the word!

- Tell all your boating friends. Infact…BRING them there. I know what I thought about the idea of a slalom on the Clackamas in August, but the first time I got on the course that ALL changed. It’s a FANTASTIC venue for a slalom. You might have to MAKE your friends come with you before they will believe how good it can be.

-Post to list serves around. I can post to pdx and Eugene, but I need people to post to LCCC, OKCC, WKCC, NW league of Racers, Seattle community list serves, etc… PLEASE let me know if you can help me get info onto any of the list serves mentioned above.

- FACE BOOK IT! I will put up a Face Book event and invite everyone I know. I need you guys to do the same. Let’s use Social media to the max to get the word out.

-Post it to community calendars in paddling websites. Any access you have to a community calendar would be helpful. Let me know and I can send you something to paste in.

Please contact me and confirm that you got this message. Please send volunteers my way. Please promote the heck out of this thing (for the good of our sport). And PLEASE come and have some fun!


-my cell 503-367-9927

Clackamas River Cleanup!

Hey River-Loving Friends,

I am seeking some fabulous Kayak POD Leaders to volunteer for the 10th Down the River Clean Up on the Clackamas.

DATE: Sunday, September 9, 2013.

Aiming to make it the biggest, most-trash picked, fun, hootin’ & hollerin’ year ever! We’ve got hundreds of folks psyched to float and clean, some great new companies in the silent auction, sweet tees by Looptworks, HUB libations, live music by TapWater, lots o’ cool booths, and a yummy free BBQ.

Requirements: Need to be Whitewater Class II+ confident, rescue experience a plus, able to supply your own kayak/gear (must wear helmet/PFD), and feel comfortable leading a POD of 20-30 down a 5-mile stretch of river.

Must be available from 8:30am-3pm.

Sign up – Email: / Call: # 503-726-8801.

POD # requests are fulfilled on a first come first served basis. So sign up today—the beautiful Clackamas River, which supplies us with fresh drinking water, needs us all!

Thank you for your consideration. Feel free to pass this email onto friends.


Nastassja ‘Staj’ Pace | 503.726.8801

Event Coordinator

We Love Clean Rivers

Like on Facebook | Follow on Twitter

Down the River Clean Up on the Clackamas – Sept 9, 2012

Great Willamette Clean Up – Oct 6, 2012

RiPPLe Effect Art Auction & Arch Bridge Re-Opening – Oct 12-14, 2012

Kayakers needed!

This is a great opportunity for kayakers in the Portland area.  Please volunteer

Revolution3 Triathlon – Volunteer Kayakers Needed

The Revolution3 Triathlon is seeking 11 kayakers from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 8 at Blue Lake Park in Fairview.  Revolution3 is a highly acclaimed 70.3-mile international triathlon series that will draw top professionals as well as amateur triathletes seeking to test their physical limits in the water, on the bike, and lastly, on a half-marathon run.

Volunteers will be paid $40 each.  Prior kayaking experience is required.  We need kayakers to play a very important role along our swim course and would love your help and assistance!  Kayak volunteers have many roles on the swim course. You will be positioned around the entire course to help guide straying swimmers back onto the course, while keeping spectator boats off the course.

Kayakers are often the first point of contact for swimmers who are “in need” or seeking assistance.  You may provide a resting place for swimmers to momentarily catch their breath or a place to hold onto while they massage out a cramp.  Most importantly you will have the lead responsibility for detecting swimmers in distress, making the initial contact, and, if needed, initiating a rescue.

You must be able to provide your own boat, paddle, whistle, and PFD.

Sign up at

Contact Tracy Bryant, volunteer coordinator, for more info at

Sandy River Showdown- Official Results

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Results from the 2012 Sandy River Showdown:

Day 1
Dam Derby K-1 Class

  1. Chris Emmerick
  2. Will Day
  3. Mark Hodges
  4. Harrison Rea (Lewis & Clark)
  5. Matt Moreland
  6. Jeffrey Steehler
  7. Ben Small (Lewis & Clark)

Dam Derby Inflatable Class

  1. Oregon Rafting Team
  2. Greg Baldikoff
  3. Oregon Rafting Team (Clackamas County Community College)

Stand Up Paddleboarding Challenge

Round 1

  1. Sam Drevo (Lewis & Clark)
  2. Eric Adsit (UVM)
  3. Kate Daniel (Reed)
  4. Harrison Rea (Lewis & Clark)
  5. JD

Round 2

  1. Chris Emmerick
  2. Eric Adsit (UVM)
  3. JD
  4. Harrison Rea (Lewis & Clark)
  5. Sam Drevo (Lewis & Clark)

Day 2

Dodge and Burn Relay

  1. Will Day/ Jennifer Sirrine
  2. Jeff Krohlow/ Robert Francis

Dodge and Burn Ironman

  1. Eric Adsit (UVM)
  2. Ruffus Knapp
  3. Jeffrey Steehler

Stand Up Paddleboarding Sprint

  1. Eric Adsit (UVM)
  2. Will Day
  3. JD
  4. Jeffrey Steehler
  5. Scott

The ACA Pacific Northwest Collegiate Whitewater Championship Results:

1. The University of Vermont (20 points)

2. Lewis and Clark College (16 points)

3. Reed College (4 points)

4. Clackamas County Community College (2 points)

Congratulations to everyone involved!

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